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Click HERE to get a screen pull of the webcam

Simply right click the image when it opens in the new window and save image
(you will need to change it to a .jpg file)

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Latest Message: 3 weeks ago
  • Whistler: Come On Wales!
  • mcfcctid: Does anyone know where you can view the drone video taken on 29th may (bank holiday Sunday)
  • jeffo: Ooops, yesterday when I mentioned the clarity of the web cam the window must have been open! Still a good picture though. I have been taking a daily snapshot of the view for the last few years and every day is different.
  • jeffo: The web cam is now just perfect. Thanks to whoever repositioned the camera and cleaned the windows.
  • Dave mx: The Cliffs has changed hands and is being refurbished. Advertising for staff and says opening early summer. Confused
  • Steve: No visitors moorings outside the breakwater. Several National Trust moorings inside the breakwater but you may dry out.
  • Barron: Hi, I am looking to,come over and want to moor in the bay is there any guest moorings?
  • RayS: What's the latest on The Cliffs? Closed?
  • Bull dog bil: Rich Rach and Sienna will Be there soon
  • Bull dog bil: Coming up this weekend hopefully will be able to get some food and a few beers
  • the_herbs@ho: cannot wait to let our doggy swim, see you soon Smile
  • the_herbs@ho: O water looks like a mill pond, Very Happy Very Happy
  • Harry: See you later today for lunch and a couple of beers
  • sallymc: oops sorry!! Wink
  • john: Thanks Sallymc that's another hour I've lost
  • sallymc: Thanks for the nudge! Clock updated and also added a 30 day timelapse of Porthdinllaen from the webcam below. Hope you enjoy!
  • Cairnterrier: The clock is correctly showing UCT time.
  • RayS: Is the Ty Coch clock still on winter time? I know it still feels like winter Exclamation
  • john: Eat a bit slower and don't put as much vinegar on them that should do it Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
  • Whistler: 252 Sleepless nights to Christmas. Sleepless cos of indigestion from the chips Very Happy
  • john: We should ask whistler how many bags of chips to christmas
  • Dave mx: How about "Salvation Jane"? She might even rustle up a few chips. Confused
  • john: Salvation is that a posh savaloy ?
  • Dave mx: For those that seek the Holy Grail of the chip there is always salvation. Cool
  • john: Hec your brave Dave talking chips on the Ty Coch web site thought it was a chip free zone Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes
  • Dave mx: Wonder if they do chips? Confused Michelin Star chips..wow! Surprised
  • Steve: RayS Plas Bodegroes restaurant opening soon see «link»
  • Dave mx: Hotel reopened B&B only. Maybe restaurant later in the year.
  • RayS: Anyone know what's happening at Plas Bodegroes?
  • the_herbs@ho: Laughinglooking forward ro visiting soon
  • the_herbs@ho: Laughinglooking forward ro visiting soon
  • titley: thanks jeffo. had thought the cam gets turned into the pub at night. now it all makes sence. ha ha Very Happy
  • titley: thanks jeffo. had thought the cam gets turned into the pub at night. now it all makes sence. ha ha Very Happy
  • jeffo: By the way Titley the lights you see in the middle of the image are reflections from inside the pub. Have a look at night time and you can even see people at the bar!
  • jeffo: Any chance the web cam window could be cleaned? I take screen shot everey day and for the past few weeks the image has got what appears as dirt on the lens.
  • titley: could you please telll me what is in the centre of the webcam pic, as at night it looks like its got lights on. very confussed Question
  • john: By the way any body know how many sleeps to christmas
  • john: To late Dave it went past at day break carrying a load of eggs Very Happy
  • Dave mx: Could someone give the camera a nudge to the left please, so I can see the Easter bunny on the headland path.
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The last 30 days in Porthdinllaen

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