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Click HERE to get a screen pull of the webcam

Simply right click the image when it opens in the new window and save image
(you will need to change it to a .jpg file)

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Latest Message: 1 day, 20 hours ago
  • sallymc: good point Dave - have made note of that in the text now Smile
  • Dave mx: Thanks Sally. It's working much better and faster now. Just have to remember if saving the image, change the file extension from cgi to jpg.
  • sallymc: Screen pull now back up and running folks Smile
  • john: cheers Steve was missing the old dears Very Happy
  • Steve: Our webmaster is working on the screen pull, please be patient.
  • Steve: John, chimneys back, ok?
  • Dave mx: If you do get there at the weekend Steve. Take a photograph of the bay and post it on Facebook. That can be our "weekly" screen pull. Mr. Green
  • Steve: john, you may have to wait until next weekend, i'll do my best!
  • john: small point but could we have the chimneys back please Razz
  • Dave mx: I agree. I like the higher res. screen grab in good weather. The stream is interesting to watch in bad weather. Very Happy
  • jeffo: I know it's a small point but I've noticed that the web cam screen pull is not working. I have been in the habit of taking a screen shot every day for a few years now and miss not being able to get my daily fix.javascript Crying or Very Sad
  • Ringley: Wow! We stayed 26th to 29th sept, not long enough! What a beautiful place, loved the pub and enjoyed the lifeboat day, what a grand job they do! Laughing
  • Steve: Here is another link to a video of the event on Sunday 28th September, the big day for our lifeboat «link»
  • Steve: A great day at Lifeboat Bay, check this out if you missed it «link»
  • Steve: Hoping for good weather on Sunday because the countdown has begun to the Porthdinllaen Lifeboat's big day! Come and join the triple celebrations this Sunday at 11.30! The Official Boathouse Opening, 150th anniversary Vellum Presentation, and the Lifeboat Naming Ceremony! Come on down to show your support! See you there?
  • Dave mx: "There is nothing wrong with your monitor. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are now in control of the transmission. We control the horizontal and the vertical. We can deluge you with a thousands waves, or expand one single raindrop to crystal clarity and beyond. We can shape your vision to anything the weather can conceive. For the next 24 hour, we will control all that you see."
  • seancat: Ellie. C is 17 tomorrow and going to spend her first birthday Not at Poth in her life, she is so upset as are we!
  • didale: Whoops, pressed the smiley button for too long
  • didale: Great to have the webcam back! i have missed it Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool
  • Steve: We are aware of the webcam situation and we are working on it, please bear with us. Blame BT!!
  • Dave mx: It was working again today for a while. Quite like the way the screen pull works better when the stream is off so it's horses for courses. Very Happy
  • McFarland: I was wondering the same. It's a shame there hasn't been any webcam for a couple of days now.
  • caroline: What's up with the webcam ?
  • Dave mx: I've heard that the lower part of the webcam picture has been screened of as the beach is presently open to nudists. Cool
  • Steve: Whoop, whoop, Hurray, we have passed our target for the defibrillator appeal «link» however, that doesnt stop anyone who has not yet donated to this great cause clicking on the link and putting a couple of pounds in for this great charity. Thanks to all for your generosity. Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation
  • Steve: All boat owners should be aware that The National Trust and Pen Llyn Sarnau SAC are holding a meeting at Nefyn Golf Club on 26th August at 6pm regarding the Porthdinllaen Seagrass project. The meeting is aimed at recreational boat owners who moor and anchor in the area. See «link» and download the Information Notes and Desk Study documents for more information and how it may affect moorings in the future.
  • Steve: We are only £162.78 away from the target of £1500 for the Porthdinllaen defibrillator. If you havent donated yet and would like to support this worthy cause go to www.justgiving.com/porthdinllaen and donate whatever you can afford. Every little bit helps... Very Happy
  • Dave mx: The Lifeboat series is still available to watch. Episode one still there for a couple of days. With English subtitles. «link»
  • Dave mx: Well done John. Where there's a will there's a way. Very Happy
  • john: Had 2 lovely meals at the pub last week and the week before the on going saga of the red padlock rolls on its not a Radar key tried one we were lucky the main gate wasn't working so that made life easy back home now Crying or Very Sad
  • Dave mx: 20 messages back on here...A mobility scooter could be a solution.
  • howard.willi: My wife cannot walk far now, and we did enjoy going to Ty coch for a meal how can we get there now
  • jaylime: looking forward to friday when i shall be on my way to tudweiliog,looking forward to a day at the ty coch.
  • the wanderer: WOW, £1000 raised to support the new defibrillator.....awesome work ty coch followers!!! go to www.justgiving.com/porthdinllaen to show your support too!!
  • Whistler: Shame you've a name like helldiver then. Some mobile phone providers are more devilish than others, but probably the most devilish is the Internet, maybe the colonies should consider that too. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and see your friends on the wonderful Internet webcam
  • Twm: They do on Anglesey
  • Helldiver: We do not use cellphones here in the colonies. They are the work of the devil.
  • Helldiver: Their names are Terry Dutton and Drue
  • Steve: Happy Birthday Helldiver, the pub doesnt take remote credit card payments as far as I am aware and will not be checking this website as they are in full lunchtime busy period. Suggest you contact you friends by cellphone and tell them of your generous offer. Enjoy- have a good day!
  • Helldiver: I'm calling from Newburyport, Massacheusetts. To day is my 85th birthday. I have friends from Anglesey that will be showing on your web cam to wish me a Happy Birthday. Is there some way I can buy them a dink at lunch?
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