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Latest Message: 2 weeks, 6 days ago
  • Lynne from t: sorry computer glitch!!!
  • Lynne from t: who else can see their home from Ty Coch? Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Smile Smile Smile Smile
  • Lynne from t: who else can see their home from Ty Coch? Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
  • Lynne from t: who else can see their home from Ty Coch? Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
  • DaveT: that meant to be spider
  • DaveT: I notice that you have another Boris the spere busy weaving his web on the front of the camera. After all it is a web cam!!
  • pirate biker: I intend havin a good drink after 8hrs at sea this w/end . . Hope that floor stays still ! ! .
  • Dave mx: Haze free view of the hills opposite... One of the best I've seen right now. Very Happy
  • tracy: any events over b/h weekend Razz
  • tracy: cant wait to be back next weekend gin and elderflower on the beach Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Laughing Laughing Laughing
  • Collette: Looking good out there today - bit of sunshine makes a world of difference Smile
  • john: Thanks that's better Very Happy
  • john: Can someone turn the camera round a bit missing the old folk
  • dannyhooper: Hi all am after a weel away next year after falling in love with the area! i stayed with the family last june in the area. After a nice 3 bedroom place down there near the beach??!!
  • john: Very Happy Very Happy
  • Dave mx: The message board brings out the best in everyone !! Mr. Green
  • john: I have come to the conclusion that Dave and Wihistler must be as daft as me Razz
  • Whistler: Yes Dave it's 97 sleeps past Christmas Confused
  • Dave mx: They could put GMT next to it and let everyone do the arithmetic. Can anyone on here count-up instead of count-down..? Mr. Green
  • john: No wonder it looks miserable and cold on the web camTy Coch is still on winter time according to the clock
  • john: Didn't have a short sleep cheated and stayed in bed till 9 30 he he he Rolling Eyes
  • Whistler: Well that's the short sleep over with Crying or Very Sad now for 7 proper sleeps to Easter EGGS Shocked
  • john: Don't forget oneof them is a short sleep Rolling Eyes
  • Steve: Webcam off until Thursday due to building work. Back as soon as possible.
  • Whistler: 11 Sleeps to Easter EGGS. That's 2 nights gone for the price of 1
  • john: Blimey Dave you do knowsome big words don't forget I'm a hillbilly and we struggle to understand sometimes Embarrassed
  • Dave mx: He can't say...It would be "DECREMENTAL" for him to tell you. That was the conundrum. Mr. Green
  • john: Bet it's 13 now Whistler is that correct Wink
  • john: Thanks whistler I can sleep peacefully now Laughing Mad
  • Whistler: By special request, I hereby declare it is 14 SLEEPS TO EASTER EGGS (based on 0900 hrs GMT on 22nd March). At this time it is actually 15 sleeps if you live in Alaska Rolling Eyes
  • john: hey Whistler can you tell me how many sleeps till I get my Easter egg Wink Laughing Razz
  • Whistler: Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Danish Happy St Patricks Day! Geek Mr. Green
  • john: I will have a big one and 5 little ones he he he
  • Dave mx: You're always joining Whistler in a countdown conundrum. Mr. Green And the word is "CALENDERMET"
  • john: Countdown countdown no way whistler you are pushing it now Embarrassed
  • john: Countdown
  • Steve: Thanks Whistler.
  • Whistler: Cheers John, maybe you can join me in a countdown sometime Laughing
  • john: Never thought I would agre with you whistler but you are on this occasion correct with your last message Laughing Laughing
  • Whistler: This has gotta be the best live stream webcam that you can get on the net. On top of that the best view. Thank you for bringing this fantastic sight into my living room
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