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Click HERE to get a screen pull of the webcam

Simply right click the image when it opens in the new window and save image
(you will need to change it to a .jpg file)

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Latest Message: 42 minutes ago
  • Whistler: 27 sleeps to Christmas Surprised
  • Whistler: 28 sleeps or one calendar month to Christmas folks Shocked Shocked
  • Whistler: 31 sleeps or one calendar month to Christmas folks Surprised
  • john: Just remind me Whistler how long is it to Christmas Confused Cool Embarrassed
  • Whistler: Oh yes, it's almost here again, keep tuned for the Christmas countdown, coming soon Shocked Shocked
  • Glennie: It looks a lovely evening there. The sky is so beautiful against the Rivals.
  • john: Porthdinllaen is an hour in front of the rest of us does that mean the pub opens early [see web site clock] Shocked
  • john: Can you make it 3 blond lady ghosts please Razz Razz
  • Whistler: John you could maybe ask the 3 ghosts that are clearly coming to see you on Christmas Eve Shocked
  • john: is there ay I can block Whistler until 26 december Twisted Evil
  • Whistler: Guess what, it's 57 sleeps to Christmas Surprised Surprised
  • Glennie: Hi Dave. You are great. My problem is solved. Many thanks.
  • Dave mx: Ignore the "File Type" option. It's just a manual edit of the file name that's required.
  • Glennie: Hi Steve. That is exactly what I was doing but my pc only gives me the one option of cgi. I have no option to change to jpeg when I go to Save Image As. So it looks like my pc doesn't give me any other way of saving the screenpull.
  • Steve: Glennie, right click on the screenpull, click on Save Image as then where it says image.cgi change the cgi to jpg. and save in the folder where you want it. ( You can also change the word "image" if you want to something more meaningful and to differentiate if you want to do more than one pull) I have just done it on a Windows 7 PC, no problem.
  • Glennie: Dave, I am having problems with the screen pull and saving it as a jpeg file. My pc is a Dell with windows 7 and it won't let me save as a jpeg. Any suggestions? It is only letting me save as a cgi file.
  • Glennie: Dave,
  • sallymc: good point Dave - have made note of that in the text now Smile
  • Dave mx: Thanks Sally. It's working much better and faster now. Just have to remember if saving the image, change the file extension from cgi to jpg.
  • sallymc: Screen pull now back up and running folks Smile
  • john: cheers Steve was missing the old dears Very Happy
  • Steve: Our webmaster is working on the screen pull, please be patient.
  • Steve: John, chimneys back, ok?
  • Dave mx: If you do get there at the weekend Steve. Take a photograph of the bay and post it on Facebook. That can be our "weekly" screen pull. Mr. Green
  • Steve: john, you may have to wait until next weekend, i'll do my best!
  • john: small point but could we have the chimneys back please Razz
  • Dave mx: I agree. I like the higher res. screen grab in good weather. The stream is interesting to watch in bad weather. Very Happy
  • jeffo: I know it's a small point but I've noticed that the web cam screen pull is not working. I have been in the habit of taking a screen shot every day for a few years now and miss not being able to get my daily fix.javascript Crying or Very Sad
  • Ringley: Wow! We stayed 26th to 29th sept, not long enough! What a beautiful place, loved the pub and enjoyed the lifeboat day, what a grand job they do! Laughing
  • Steve: Here is another link to a video of the event on Sunday 28th September, the big day for our lifeboat «link»
  • Steve: A great day at Lifeboat Bay, check this out if you missed it «link»
  • Steve: Hoping for good weather on Sunday because the countdown has begun to the Porthdinllaen Lifeboat's big day! Come and join the triple celebrations this Sunday at 11.30! The Official Boathouse Opening, 150th anniversary Vellum Presentation, and the Lifeboat Naming Ceremony! Come on down to show your support! See you there?
  • Dave mx: "There is nothing wrong with your monitor. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are now in control of the transmission. We control the horizontal and the vertical. We can deluge you with a thousands waves, or expand one single raindrop to crystal clarity and beyond. We can shape your vision to anything the weather can conceive. For the next 24 hour, we will control all that you see."
  • seancat: Ellie. C is 17 tomorrow and going to spend her first birthday Not at Poth in her life, she is so upset as are we!
  • didale: Whoops, pressed the smiley button for too long
  • didale: Great to have the webcam back! i have missed it Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool
  • Steve: We are aware of the webcam situation and we are working on it, please bear with us. Blame BT!!
  • Dave mx: It was working again today for a while. Quite like the way the screen pull works better when the stream is off so it's horses for courses. Very Happy
  • McFarland: I was wondering the same. It's a shame there hasn't been any webcam for a couple of days now.
  • caroline: What's up with the webcam ?
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