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Click HERE to get a screen pull of the webcam

Simply right click the image when it opens in the new window and save image
If it doesn't work first time it may be in the middle of a refresh. 

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Latest Message: 1 week, 1 day ago
  • pje: Ta Dave mx Very Happy
  • Dave mx: «link» Cool «link» Cool
  • pje: Anybody know what's happen to the lifeboat? been missing for 4 or 5 days has it got its new house now?
  • glenda: RIP Gareth Jones.
  • john: Thanks Steve no prob Rolling Eyes
  • mcfcctid: RIP Pod - now there's two angels fishing together from Porthdinllaen xxx
  • Steve: No, its only working on the web, neither iphone or ipad . Dont know why, will have to persevere until Monday unfortunately when the Streamdays guys open up again. Sorry!
  • john: is it just me or is the webcam not working for iPad at the moment Question
  • Twm: R.I.P. Pod - we will miss you
  • Steve: For those of you who may not be aware, Porthdinllaen and Morfa Nefy is in mourning for one of our local fishermen, Gareth "Pod" Jones who was tragically killed whilst fishing at sea on Sunday «link» His funeral is on Monday (7th April) at the cemetery in Morfa Nefyn at 1.30pm. "Pod" was a well liked character and could often be found in Ty Coch when not fishing, he will be sadly missed.
  • Dave mx: There's nothing blue about it when its dull, just 50 shades of grey. Maybe it's just about having the correct filter.. Mr. Green
  • john: I've just worked out why the sun isn't shining on the beach today you forgot to put the clock on summer time Very Happy
  • john: looking at the camera view always makes me feel good today its because I-am sitting here in brilliant sunshine up in the peak hills and you have cloud and dull don't have to wish I was there (tomorrow will be different ) Embarrassed
  • kemal5: will be down sunday am
  • Dave mx: Some nice colours today Very Happy but whatever it is..Confused These blue movies are making me see red... Mr. Green
  • john: didn't realise you made your own over there do you use betamax or are you still on 16mm Question
  • Dave mx: Depends who the Porthdin. film director is auditioning at the moment. Surprised The naughty Isoprene may have been cast a few days ago but it's not a Cert. Smile
  • john: are you sure it was bugs on the web cam and not another of your old blue movies Dave Razz
  • Dave mx: It's a bugs life down there on camera. Smile I hope they are outside the pub... Mr. Green
  • Dave mx: Nice weather. Smile But today's blue movie is a little dull.. Mr. Green
  • ianwells: God I have missed the beach...only 5 weeks to go...bring on the sun and beer
  • Marilyn: Looks like the weather is getting better. Can 't to re-visit - hopefully some time in March. Very Happy
  • john: may look balmy but don't see many folk swimming or sun bathing yet think we may have to wait a 2 or 3 days for that Wink
  • pirate biker: Looks like a balmy spring day down there . . Laid up in my mountain lair , can't get down there ! Boo hoo .
  • john: I see the lifeboat is back that must mean that the folk with the proper weather forecast think things are going to settle down for a bit Laughing
  • Steve: Not sure John, we have not ordered it yet. Will let you know as and when, Watch this space! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
  • john: not getting at you Steve I know what its like I live in the hills of the peak don't get flooded but still get very wet and the wind is scary at times can't wait to sit at one of the tables with a pie & a pint could you tell me when the hot day is this year Embarrassed
  • Steve: Please note that the current unsettled weather has resulted in several local power cuts recently and is worse due to our location. we are all fed up with the rough weather! Roll on summer
  • john: fed up with rough weather waiting for a tree to fall whats good about watching people suffer I keep having to start my genny thats as long as I can get fuel for it grow up
  • Dave mx: Why all the moaning? If you check the screen pull you'll see they've probably had another power cut. The old system was just a screen pull every 5 seconds or 20 seconds. That's good enough if it's like a mill pond but the new streaming has been great watching the rough weather.
  • Sharp dresse: Hear hear to that John... No stream on PC?laptop either Sad :'( Gggrrrrrr...
  • john: No stream on I pad again recon you should go back to the old system at least it worked they should call them selves streamsomedays! Question Rolling Eyes
  • john: there is nowt great about the bad weather as far as I can see [clear window or not] Crying or Very Sad
  • Dave mx: Bad weather is great with the new streaming. (providing the window stays clear) Very Happy
  • Irish Whistl: Webcam works fine on Android chrome browser. HTC browser doesn't work. Just glad to have the view back, even if the weather isn't great
  • Irish Whistl: Thanks Steve
  • Steve: Irish Whistler, FYI we dont deal with Streamdays direct. However, I will pass your comments on to the company that we deal with. I notice that its not working on iPhone again this morning but we may have to wait until Monday for a fix on that.
  • Irish Whistl: I have the latest Android phone. I have been onto streamdays Web. Directly on their website I can view all their videos at all locations (note ty coch isn't on their webcam map) however when I go to the actual host websites no videos work just as ty coch. It's a strange one but I don't think it's the Android version
  • Steve: In reply to the two previous comments, we have been in contact with the guys at Streamdays and they have answered as follows "The Android update has very recently gone live and should be viewable on the latest versions of Android. We’re still monitoring it’s performance at the moment. As for the snapshot, it is in the pipeline still but I don’t have a timeframe on this at the moment." So, please bear with us.
  • Irish Whistl: Webcam still not working on mi Android phone. All settings checked and other streamdays webcams work OK. Pls get mi ty coch back. Really miss it
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