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The last 30 days in Porthdinllaen

Click HERE to get a screen pull of the webcam

Simply right click the image when it opens in the new window and save image
(you will need to change it to a .jpg file)

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Latest Message: 2 days, 22 hours ago
  • Steve: Thanks Dave mx. I hope it is not too badly damaged.
  • Dave mx: A tractor went past the webcam this morning with a boat on a trailer.
  • Steve: Has the boat been moved? I cant see the anchor rope anymore.
  • Steve: Sorry for my spelling, that should read "tied" not "teid" , I know i before e etcetera......
  • Steve: It looks like the fishing boat that came adrift from its mooring earlier on the week is still teid to the wall from the look of things. I assume that is a mooring rope in the bottom left hand corner of the picture. I hope the boat is not damaged and can be refloated soon.
  • Steve: How many sleeps to Christmas Whistler? Very Happy
  • Dave mx: Why do you have a link to a Viagra page on this website? Is it to combat the Brewers Droop? Mr. Green
  • jeffo: Thanks for leveling the webcam and cleaning the window
  • Dave mx: The man with the spirit level has not been in since the NY party. Sad Don't hold your breath Mr. Green but the ghostly apparition view is very likely condensation on the inside. Difficult to get rid of this time of year.
  • jeffo: Looks a lovely day out there today. Any chance the webcam window can be cleaned so we can see it better?
  • jeffo: Looks a lovely day out there today. Any chance the webcam window can be cleaned so we can see it better? Wink
  • john: That's better thanks Very Happy
  • john: Can you square the camera up if you get a minute thanks
  • Whistler: 363 SLEEPS TO CHRISTMAS Surprised
  • john: Just so I can start planning how many sleeps to Christmas is it now Whistler?
  • john: Just so I can start planing how many sleeps to Christmas Whistler? Rolling Eyes
  • Whistler: No, it Can't be, ONLY 4 SLEEPS TO CHRISTMAS Surprised
  • Whistler: ONLY 6 SLEEPS TO CHRISTMAS Shocked
  • Dave mx: I'm out of synch. Sad Can you accommodate an extra forty winks & a cat nap? Shocked
  • Whistler: 12 SLEEPS TO CHRISTMAS Confused
  • Whistler: LESS THAN 2 WEEKS TO CHRISTMAS Shocked
  • Dave mx: That's better. Very Happy I can get some sleep when you don't SHOUT. Mr. Green
  • Whistler: 18 Sleeps to Christmas Surprised
  • Whistler: 23 SLEEPS TO CHRISTMAS Shocked
  • Whistler: 28 SLEEPS TO CHRISTMAS Shocked
  • Whistler: 28 SLEEPS TO CHRISTMAS Shocked
  • Dave mx: It always goes off when there's a spectacular storm to watch. Sad I doubt its deterring pub visitors. Mr. Green
  • Steve: Hooray, power and webcam back on. It still looks a bit rough there. The forecast is improving for the next few days fortunately. Smile
  • Steve: No webcam due to powercut due to weather! Lashing it down and blowing a hooley! Crying or Very Sad Crying or Very Sad
  • PBH0017: how beautiful the bay looks i'm wanting to be there soon
  • Whistler: 47 Sleeps to Christmas Surprised
  • john: Hope it's not.all beans that would blow up a storm
  • Whistler: 57 HEINZ Varieties To CHRISTMAS Shocked
  • Whistler: 61 SLEEPS TO CHRISTMAS Sad
  • Whistler: 73 SLEEPS TO CHRISTMAS Shocked
  • Brione: If you are watching they are still trying to secure it now in foul weather.
  • Brione: Whoever owns that little leisure17 in the bay owes a huge debt to firstly Stu Jones and Geraint who dragged it off the rocks a couple of hours ago and put it back on a mooring and now to Geraint and Callan who have truly battled to save it again when it came off another mooring. Call the pub if you wish to thank them personally.
  • john: Never mind sleeps to Christmas only 2sleeps before we come down to the sea from the peaks
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